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The physiotherapist can help in various ways, he or she advises, treats and guides. Depending on the nature of your complaints three general types of treatment can be distinguished:

  • Massage
    A familiar and tested way of reducing pain and muscle tension. It stimulates blood circulation in the tissue and reduces muscle tension.
  • Remedial therapy (also known as exercise)
    You can think of improving the movement of joints affected, increasing muscle strength, learning to improve your posture and to improve your balance and so on. In our practice we also use various training equipment, as you can see on the photos.
  • Physical therapy
    This therapy consists of heat treatment, electrotherapy and (ultra)sound therapy and is mainly aimed at restoring tissue, blood circulation and pain relief.

The duration of a treatment is approximately half an hour at a time. During the first appointment the physiotherapist needs to form a complete picture of your complaint(s)and will therefore ask questions and examine you. On that basis, the physiotherapist will draw up a treatment plan with you.

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