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I graduated from the Hague School of physiotherapy in 1990 and since then I have specialized in manual therapy. In 2009 I completed my Master Manual Therapy.

Following several courses such as medical fitness, podiatry (chiropody) and Mc Kenzie therapy, has made me an expert of the musculoskeletal system.

I work at two adresses:

Practice physio- and Manual therapy
Bentinckstraat 126 A
2582 SZ Den Haag
070- 3388466
Practice physio- and Manual therapy
Parkweg 221
2271 BB Voorburg
070- 3814549

In March 2006, I also qualified as a podiatrist (also known as chiropodist). This all gives a good basis for succesfull treatment.

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BIG registration number P.A. van Rookhuijzen 19034490904 // AGB code 002262